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As Director Germany of a global supplier for assessing, training and coaching, as Market Field Mentor Coach  and or as an entrepreneur, I have worked, amongst others, with the following corporations:

AUDI, BASF, BMW, Boehringer Ingelheim, Carpe Viam, Coach U, DEKRA, Ford ,Lufthansa, Munich Re, MSX International, NETEXPAT, PWC, Roche, Universität von St. Gallen, Voith, Volkswagen Group, Wacker Chemie

press & publications:

Qualitätsmanagement im Einzelcoaching - ICF Deutschland Leitfaden für Personalentwickler

2012 ICF Global Conference, Speaker(s) in London: Dr. Kerryn Griffiths, Beatrice Melin, PCC, Ana Sarmiento, ACC, and Silke Thompson, ACC  on

"Powerful Learning from the Inside Out"

Informationen unter: Coaching Report von Christopher Rauen

Glamour Juli 2013: Arbeiten im Ausland - Urlaub für immer! Die wichtigsten Tipps für das Arbeiten im Ausland

sample individual client references :

“Silke was my coach during my repatriation process in Germany. She was culturally aware and very open minded, which are my Top 2 when I change countries. She has also the ability to support her clients in a variety of topics like change, work, life and relationships. Our sessions were full of humour and results. I would highly recommend her to anybody who is going through a transition or who is arriving in Germany.” 

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity 

Ana Maria Saramiento - Singapore

“Silke's coaching style is to build the relationship with client so that the client feels comfortable, relaxed and safe. This is how I felt through the whole process. As well, Silke uses direct communiciation to bring awareness to light and choice(s) to action and accountability. Her style allowed me to open up and move me to action.

I was able to strengthen my leadership and coaching skills and competencies by working with Silke. Silke allowed my to gain more self confidence in the work that I am doing.

I admire and respect Silke as a coach and as a person. Silke brings confidence and compassion to her coaching. Silke's relationship building is a strength and as a result she allowed me to bring my entire self to our conversations because I trusted her. She is truly a fantastic coach.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity 

Teresa Sottana - Canada/Switzerland